Laurence Gibbs Photography

Hey, I’m Laurence, I’m a Wedding Photographer based here in South Australia.

If you’re moved by storytelling through beautiful photography, we’re going to be a good fit. Especially so if you and your partner are madly in love, family and friends are everything to you, and you just get how photography has a way of taking you back to moments, locations and emotions you know you’ll want to relive.

One thing you need to know off the bat… my style is relaxed, stress-free and good fun!

If you’re into cheesy smiles or fancy poses with big lighting setups, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

I’m all about heaps of fun, candid laughter and capturing natural intimate moments.

In saying that, creating epic images for couples on their wedding day get’s me excited. I’ll do (pretty much) anything to get the perfect shot, and I’m not afraid to break rules if it means I can capture something special for you.If this all sounds like you and I will be a good fit, let’s get started!

Tell me about your story and journey so far.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Mention Fleurieu Weddings to receive 10% off my Full day package! Ts & Cs apply.