Luxury Portable Toilets Adelaide

Found your dream wedding location but still need some loos? Look no further than Luxury Portable Toilets Adelaide!

Whether it’s for your wedding, glamping or birthday bash, these beautiful toilets have you covered.

And I know what you’re thinking? How can toilets be beautiful? When you think of a porta-loo, you think of that one time you HAD to use the last available portable toilet at a festival. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when we went on our toilet tour last week! These beauties are NOTHING like that!

These are the most luxurious portable toilets on offer in Adelaide. They are modern, stylish and won’t be an eye sore at your special occasion.

Their luxury twin is in fact two toilets! Fully self contained with solar interior and exterior lighting! Complete with granite bench tops, extra large mirrors, bluetooth sound systems, soap and hand towel dispensers, sanitary bins, running water and power points.

You’ll feel like you’re at home in these bathrooms! Touch up your make-up, straighten your hair, take selfies!! Whatever you fancy in these luxury portable toilets!

Check them out today!

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