Why EVERY Bride Should Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Reasons Why Every Fleurieu Wedding Bride Should Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

In collaboration with Winning Photography we look at reasons why every Adelaide bride should spoil herself rotten with a boudoir photo shoot


1. You Will Look and Feel Amazing!

Take the opportunity to get your hair and makeup professionally done, with a professional photographer, and professional retouching you will be gifted with some of the best portraits of yourself you have ever seen. We often suggested a celebratory girls night out after your boudoir photo shoot, because you will be looking and feeling on top of the world! And if you’re waiting to lose those stubborn last few kgs, DON’T! A professional boudoir photographer knows exactly how to pose you to flatter your individual body type.

2. It Makes a Great Gift For Your Other Half!

Whether it’s your groom-to-be, husband, boyfriend or significant other, imagine the look on their face when you surprise them with a little book of sensual pictures of the one they love! They think you’re beautiful on your no makeup, tracksuit pant wearing, bad hair days, so show them how smoking hot you are in sexy lingerie and professional makeup!

 3. It Makes An Even Better Gift For You!

Revel in your own beauty and give yourself an esteem boost with professional photographs that you can treasure forever. Do it for yourself. Allow yourself to be pampered, and enjoy!

4. You’re Already Working It For The Wedding!

If you are like any other bride I know you are already working hard to look the best for your wedding. You’ve ditched those late night munchies and are on a strict skin care regime. Why not show off all your hard work and document this fabulous time in your life.

 5. Shopping Spree!

Women always seem to find time for others but rarely take the me time they deserve. Take the time out for yourself, and go shopping for yourself! Invest in a few different styles that make you feel sexy, and maybe push yourself out of your comfort zone with a piece you wouldn’t usually buy! What’s more, once you have finished with your lingerie at the boudoir shoot, you can use them again in a more intimate setting (*Hint* bedroom *Hint*).

 6. Have a Girly Day!

Not sure about doing it alone? or just need a little confidence boost to go for your boudoir session. Make it a girl’s day out! Grab a few of your closest gal pals and do the session together! Take it in turns for each lady to have their time in front of the camera, while the others sip wine and make you smile.

 7. It Will Empower You!

Being pampered and getting treated like a celebrity for a few hours is my idea of a dream! But just wait until you get a sneak peak of your professionally edited photos. It will take your breath away. You will see how beautiful you really are!

There really is no time like the present ladies. Remember that you can wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident; a boudoir photo shoot is all about you! Don’t put it off, now is the time to indulge yourself!

If you want to chat to someone about boudoir photo shoots in Adelaide head to Winning Photography! All the photos used here were photographed by Winning Photography.

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