Dream Wedding Hair by Natural Hair Glamour

You often hear people say “She was born to do it!” and this couldn’t be more true for Cassie from Natural Hair Glamour. From an early age it was apparent that Cassie had a natural skill when working with hair.

Out to prove she wasn’t your average lazy teenager, Cassie flourished in her hairdressing apprenticeship. As a dedicated hairdresser she could cut and colour like a pro, but her hair styling was something else. In a blink of an eye she was first point of call, and often booked out when it came to hair styling. Pushed upon the stage Cassie was winning awards left, right and centre. Cassie experienced platform work at expos in SA and went overseas doing platform work with an artistic team and was the hairdresser in charge of the up styling design and on stage!

Fate had it’s mysterious ways of working and Cassie’s overseas platform work was cut short when she developed allergies to harsh chemicals in salons after toxin build up over the years. Determined not to give up on her dream, that’s when Cassie made the move to natural products, free from harsh chemicals, creating a safe environment in her salon.

Cassie prides herself on not only her safe and natural approach to hairdressing but also her versatility after 18 years in the biz!

When we met with Cassie it was clear to us that even after all these years, her passion for hair styling has only grown bigger and bigger. She has a true LOVE for wedding hair styling with a huge emphasis on making the experience all about the bride!

We are sure Cassie has lost count of the amount of brides she has created their dream look for, but it’s that experience that separates Cassie from the rest. Nothing much would scare Cassie and she assures us she is more than willing to try! Cassie will work alongside you to design your style for the big day. Whether you are 110% sure of what you want on the day or you need a little guidance, Cassie will be there every step of the way. She will take you through a trial plan, including sketches, photos and detailed notes – she will never miss a beat!

Cassie’s experience in tough competitions and countless weddings means she can keep her calm under the pump. There is nothing worse than rushing and stressing on the morning of your big day. With Cassie (and her amazing time management skills!) all will run smoothly.

Get in touch with Cassie today and experience her talents for yourself!


Email: naturalhairglamour@gmail.com

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